Multnomah Falls

If you were a raised planting bed with over pruned shrubs and out of control invasive weeds and if you were located just steps away from the spray of Multnomah Falls, and tucked in right between the architectural gem of Multnomah Falls Lodge and the world famous Historic Colombia River Hwy, you would want a makeover too!

Saturday April 28th will be the first weekend for viewing the new plantings at the Mulnomah Falls Lodge Plaza!

To celebrate we want to share some of the wonderful and interesting images that show how the falls have changed over the years. Actually, Multnomah falls hasen’t changed much at all, but the people have and with them the fashion! Oh the Fashion! You have to see what people were wearing for a day trip to the Gorge in 1930! And then, you have to plan yours!

Before you go, or while you are there, take a look at our Multnomah Falls Plant a Day posts to learn more about our favorite native plants for Multnomah Falls Lodge and your garden. The first post is already up!

Its going to be a busy two weeks! I can’t think of a better way to kick off spring.

Multnomah Falls Plant A Day List 

1. Oregon Sunshine – Eriophyllum lanatum

2. Western Sword Fern -Polystichum Munitum

3. Eddies White Wonder – Cornus ‘Eddies White Wonder’

4. Bleeding Heart – Dicentra formosa

5. Common Yarrow – Achellea millefolium

6. Blanket Flower – Gaillardia aristata

7. White Spirea – Spirea betulifolia lucida

8. Creeping Mahonia – Mahonia repens

9. Tigar Lily – Lilium columbianum

10. Fringe Cup – Tellima grandiflora

11. Red Colombine – Aquilegia formosa

12. Creeping Snowberry – Symphoricarpos mollis

13. Vanilla Leaf – Archl triphylla

14. Oregon Iris – Iris tenax

15. Goats Beard – Aruncus sylvester


The Ever Fashionable Multnomah Falls Historic Photos List

1. Dressed for Spring!

2. Presidential

3. Grist!

4. White

5. Fall Color

6. Penny Post Cards

7. Before the addition

8. Classics in the Parking Lot

9. Fashionable Dinning at the Falls

10. More Classic then the Model T.

11. Fantastic hats circa 1899.

12. Painted Glass slide of the bridges @ the Falls

13. Before the falls had work done…

14. 1950 Cars

15. 1930 Fashions