Landscape Design Process

Jaime English

Get an IdeaGet an Idea!
First we come to your home and begin by assessing what you already have. We examine the things that you want to keep, the things you don’t like, and the impacts of natural systems like drainage, soils, and sun exposure.Then it’s time for you to share your desires for the new garden space and the things you know you want to change. Once we understand your needs, it is time to dream. Together we’ll explore creative ideas for your garden. During these conversations you will begin to see your yard through new eyes, and what first seemed like an obstacle can magically become an opportunity!

As our ideas and goals for your garden develop, we also walk you through the steps involved with making your dreams a reality. We will help you understand how to proceed through the next steps of designing, detailing and getting your new garden built.

By the end of our Get an Idea session your garden vision will be clearer and you will know how to make it happen.

If you want to schedule a Get an Idea session, or would like more details on what is included in this service, contact us.

Get a PlanGet a Plan!
Now it is time to put all of your ideas on paper! As we begin drafting a plan for your garden we’ll test different arrangements and layouts for both function and beauty. We‘ll think about scale, color, texture, and how the garden will look in each season and we develop an overall theme for the feel and look of your new garden design.Next, we will meet with you to present the visioning plan for your garden, so you can see all your ideas together in one place. In the meeting we’ll explain the details of the design, answer your questions, talk you through the next steps, listen to your thoughts and suggestions, and discuss any adjustments that you would like to make.

Finally we will incorporate your comments into our Final Visioning Plan, which will include a full-color, to-scale map of your new garden design as well as recommendations for plants, materials, and furnishings. With your Visioning Plan in hand you have a target and you know what you are aiming for; now it’s time to get it built!

Get it BuiltGet it Built!
In order to build your plan, you first need to make some decisions about the finer details of the design. We record these in detailed drawings that act as instructions for the building of your garden.You might wonder why you need more drawings when you already know what your garden is going to look like with the visioning plan. Imagine trying to recreate a gorgeous cake from a cooking magazine without looking at the recipe, or trying to sew a ball gown based on an ad in a fashion magazine, with no pattern or measurements. The picture of the finished project is only one part; attention to the step-by-step instructions and details (How much vanilla do you add? What kind of stitching should you use on the hem?) and the skills of a professional are needed to turn the vision into a reality.

The same principles apply here. Creating and shaping clear ideas and putting them together into a visioning plan is the finished picture, illustrating the garden you want and how it will look in your site when it’s finished. The implementation of that vision requires detailed drawings to guide a skilled team through the construction process. Just like a recipe or pattern, it’s the step-by-step guide to making sure the final product is exactly how you dreamed it.

Once we have detailed drawings in hand, we work with a contractor to install your garden. We oversee their work to make sure the goals of the vision are realized. Within a few weeks you will see your garden growing before your eyes! Dirt will be moved, paths will be set, stones arranged and finally planting installed. And this is only the beginning of your nurturing landscape retreat. For years to come you will be able to enjoy and share your growing garden with friends and family and wonder at its beauty.