Our Mission

At Kahoots we believe that the landscapes we live in have a profound influence on our lives and nurtures our creative souls. We see habitats and ecosystems as the natural communities in which we live and we believe that sustainable and green design is key in creating healthy beautiful places for our communities.

It is our passion to create living, breathing spaces that inspire imaginative play and creativity in our clients and their communities.

Our Principal & Lead Designer

Jaime English

Jaime English

Principal Landscape designer Jaime English founded Kahoots LLC in January of 2010. Prior to this, she worked with GreenWorks PC, an award-winning firm in Portland, Oregon from 2005-2008 and The Atelier Dreiseitl in Ueberligen, Germany in 2009. She has experience in sustainable design, restoration projects, retreat and campground master planning, and residential gardens and retreats; her projects span Oregon, Washington, California, Pennsylvania, China, Abu Dhabi and Germany. Jaime has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Japan studying gardens and Landscapes of all shapes and sizes, and has amassed an extensive photo collection of paving details from around the world. She has taught design classes for Cathedral Middle School students and Design Camp for High School students at the University of Oregon’s Portland AAA School. Jaime graduated with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Oregon in March 2005. Born and raised in Portland, she is a seventh-generation Oregonian who grew up visiting family at the coast and in central Oregon every summer. Her love of design sprang from building forts in her back yard and completely rearranging her room every time her mother asked her to clean it.

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