Multnomah Falls Plant of the Day #3 Eddies White Wonder Dogwood

Eddies White Wonder Dogwood – Cornus ‘Eddies White Wonder’

This lovely tree is a hybrid of our native Pacific Dogwood – Cornus nuttallii and the traditionally popular Cornus florida.

We are using the hybrid here instead of the pure native because of the trees location next to the highway with almost full sun exposure. The Pacific Dogwood is a sensitive species growing at the edge of woodlands in sheltered semi-exposed locations. Its proven to be particularly sensitive to pollution and human traffic. So, in the plaza, so close to the parking lot and hwy we are using the hybrid. Later in the fall, additional restoration planting on the path to the falls will include the pure native species.

Now that we’ve got the technical explanation for Eddies White Wonder out of the way, let me tell you why its going to be so spectacularly beautiful in the plaza!

Picture the walk up to the falls as it passes the lodge. Now, imagine that walk framed by lacy white blossoms in late April (If you haven’t noticed, Dogwoods are blooming right now all over town!). The white saucer sized blossoms will accent the the roaring white of Multnomah Falls. This is the most dramatic element of the new landscape design at the falls and why you will likely find me visiting the Multnomah Falls every April for years to come.

Where to find Eddies White Wonder at Multnomah Falls: Next the the Multnomah falls Highway Sign (A favorite photo opportunity for the tourists!) and in the two outside planters that frame the Lodge.

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