What tree is that?!

How to identify your NW favorites!

A few years ago some friends mine moved away from their hometown in the Pacific NW. They moved to LA if you can believe it, and then they had a baby. We had studied plants together at the UO and I was not about to let his little one miss out on the beauty of our NW Landscape so I made her tree silhouette flash cards.

What is a tree silhouette you ask?

Ever notice how you can spot a good friend from a block away without seeing their face. Its the same thing with your favorite trees, you can see from a distance the particular growth habits of different trees. For me its much easier to identify a tree from its silhouette then up close trying to piece together bark and leaf patterns. Its something about how my brain works.

See the big picture.

Designing landscapes is the same way, its soo easy to get caught up in details and feel stuck. Yet, when you step back and look at the big picture, so often things just fall right into place! That’s why master planning is my favorite part of the process. I get the joy of helping my clients let go of the problematic details and step back and see the big picture of possibilities for their landscapes.

You might find it easier too!

Take a look at the silhouettes below and then keep your eyes open as you walk your neighborhoods. You will certainly start to notice the overall form and character of your NW favorites. You just have to keep your eyes open to the bigger picture.



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