Crane Residence 2

Phase One of the Crane Residence was installed last Spring.

Lawn, irrigation, and soil preparations were installed in 2011. The yard looked pretty good that first summer, especially with a few annuals for accenting the patio. See more before & after pics.

Phase One installed spring of 2011


 This April We Installed Phase Two

Since this is a project for my cousins, we had the whole family helping out! It was great to collaborate with my talented Aunt Connie on the planting layout and have my little brother around for the extra hard labor. We had so much fun! Props to Commercial care for the planting installation too!



Trees & Shrubs Installed Spring 2012

Quaking Aspen, Coral Bark Japanese Maple, Red & Yellow Twig Dogwood, Salal, Creeping Oregon Grape, Lily, & Clumping Rose are just some of the highlights.

 March                                                                            May!


Photos in order are by Jaime English, Rhett Jackson, Greg Heinze and the rest by Connie Heinze

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