Where’s Your Camp Trading Post?

Camp Trading Posts are a favorite stop for young campers. I remember making the daily trek to check out what candy was available or to consider which T-shirt I wanted to buy before camp was over. It wasn’t often as a child that I had discretionary money to spend without my mom or dad standing over my shoulder. The camp store is an experience for campers. It’s where much of your branding comes to fruition and it’s an important source of camp revenue.

So where is it?

  • Do campers see the store on their way to dinning hall every day?
  • Do they get to linger at picnic tables nearby and eat their ice cream bars with a group of excited campers, all tasting that sweet independence of spending their camp allowance?
  • Are camp wares displayed and easily visible? Are they available online too?
  • Does it carry the wares your campers want to buy? (Check out FDL Camp Solutions for some more great ideas for making your Trading Post more profitable.)
  • Is your store clearly signed? Does it’s “look” match your mission and brand?

Where your camp store is and how it’s designed is an important piece of it’s success as memorable part of the camping experience and its profitability.




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