What do hooves, digestion, soil, and your molars have in common?

HOPE! I am so excited to share this video! First of all, after 3 months with the Portland Parks and recreation researching sustainable park landscapes my new mantra has been “SOILS SOILS SOILS!” With ecologically healthy alive rich soils everything else can thrive. That’s where growing, all growing starts. Now I have had a new aha moment. “Hooves are mothers natures molars.” Just like the bacteria in our own gut helps us to digest nutrients for use in our bodies, so do the microbiology of living soils help plants to absorb nutrients, but we don’t swallow are food whole. We chew it first and this is what grazing animals do to plant material as they trample it. They break it down and fertilize the lands. This video is fabulously informative and offers such elegant solutions that address ecology, economy, and social health. Please watch. Lets discuss!

What can you do in your gardens? Mulch!


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