The Grand Tour

Welcome to our new Kahoots Website and Blog!

We are delighted to share our new site with its Google friendly features and new
interactive content. Please allow me to give you a little tour!

  • Check out Built Work, for a showcase of our newly built projects.
  • Look under the new Services page to read an introduction to the different steps of our design process.
  • Like, Follow, or Tweet with us whenever you like!
  • Meet the growing Kahoots Design Team including our newest team member
    Alyssa Jenkins!

The completion of site is a pretty big deal for us here at Kahoots.
We’d like to Celebrate with you by sharing one our easy DIY design ideas: The 8 Minute

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One Response to The Grand Tour

  1. Dánahy Sharonrose says:

    Excellent website and examples of your work. Congrats!

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