Garden Tours with Uncle Alan

My Uncle Alan loves to travel more then anyone I know, even me. This summer and fall he is traveling across the country with my Auntie Karen in their inaugural retirement adventure. They’ll be keeping family posted regularly with a photo of the day. I warned Uncle Alan that if he sent any garden photos, he had better be ready to see them on our Kahoots blog. Here’s there first garden stop and I am officially jealous. Its one of many garden they are planning to visit along their way. I can’t wait to see more. Stay tuned!

“This is at the Ohme Gardens in Wenatchee.  The original owners bought one of the many brown, bare hillsides that surround the town, and spent many years transforming it.  (You can pick it out from the highway.  All the other hills are still brown and bare, but this one has a forest on top.)   It’s unusual as gardens go,  very few flowers.  They used mostly dry-area plants, but put in a bunch of water features and a maze of stone paths winding uphill and down, around them. Well worth a stop if you’re ever nearby.” -Alan Kruetzer


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