Garden Tours with Uncle Alan @ The Knife River Indian Villages

We stopped at the Knife River Indian Villages in the center of North
Dakota.  This is where Lewis & Clark spend a cold winter, next to several
large villages earth lodges.  The Indian men hunted buffalo, and the
Indian women planted corn, beans, squash, and sunflowers.   Next to a
recreation of an earth lodge, they had a recreation of one of the gardens.
 It;s kind of a small garden, but it’s a garden,  so here it is..

(They put wooden platforms next to the garden that they used to dry the
plants after harvest.  According to the park movie, the young girls would
sit on the platform and sing, to keep the crows and rabbits and young boys
from stealing the crops.  Your Auntie Karen wonders if the really CUTE
young boys got away with more…) *Editor’s note: I bet they did.

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