A Thank You Note!

A lot of work went into this website site upgrade and we are very grateful for all the help we received. An especially big thank you to:

  • Vicky Knox Lieder our web designer at Shimna design I loved working with Vicky. We just clicked!
  • Claire Willett our copy editor, Claire will tell you exactly how it is and then fix it.
  • Rhett Jackson our photographer. He sees the world through some of the most beautiful eyes around.
  • Kaya Singer of Awakening Business Solutions (http://www.awakeningbusiness.com/) without her coaching this site would likely have been left half done for years to come.

Many of you helped us too, with references, feedback and moral support!

To all of you, again, Thank You!

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2 Responses to A Thank You Note!

  1. Kaya Singer says:

    Your site looks awesome Jaime and you have been wonderful to work with. Just keep breathing.

  2. Vicky says:

    Thank you, Jaime! You did such a great job and I’m so happy to see it all come together. I wish you and Alyssa bucket loads of success for the future xo

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