Transform your outdoor space into a place of inspiration, retreat and play.

Do you dream of a landscape that inspires you?

A place that raises your spirits in the depths of winter and draws you outdoors into the summer sun? A garden that makes you smile, reflects who you are and enhances your lifestyle?

Maybe your current yard doesn’t feel like this at all – it’s plain and feels like nothing more than a patch of grass, a few shrubs and a pile of chores! Maybe you avoid it because it doesn’t offer you a space for retreat.

Do you:

  • Look at other people’s gardens or retreat spaces with envy?
  • Never go outside just to sit and enjoy the sun on a beautiful day?
  • Spend money impulsively at garden centers but end up unhappy with the results?
  • See your landscape’s potential, but feel overwhelmed at the prospect of completing a project all on your own?

What if the reality of creating an amazing space was possible?

Imagine a simple, elegant landscape that welcomes you in like another room of your home, offering a quiet, creative escape away from the hectic modern world. A space that encourages you to dream while fostering a bond with nature.

Wouldn’t it be great to:

  • See your outside landscape as an extension of your home – year round?
  • Talk over your landscape ideas with someone who understands?
  • Have a plan to follow while investing in your outdoor space?
  • Share your new garden with your family and friends?
  • Have confidence in the ecological health of your garden?

We specialize in helping people just like you. People who value creativity and nature, who want their outdoor area to be a space that inspires and nurtures the imaginative soul. What makes Kahoots unique is our ability to collaborate and work with you, the homeowner, in a supportive and easy way.

Our process helps to draw out your inspirations and create a design that is uniquely your own. From there we’ll work together to develop an easy-to-build plan. We pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ concerns, wishes and vision before assessing the existing landscape and creating a plan. We want to make the process fun!

Whether you want to build a garden retreat, create an outdoor play area, or organize your vegetable garden, we can help you accomplish the outdoor space of your dreams!

We would love to talk with you and find out more about your space and your vision for the perfect outdoor retreat. Here’s how to get started:

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  2. Contact Kahoots
  3. Inspiration: The 8 Minute Fort