Flack Residence

I had the delight of working with Ms. Flack on her NW Portland balcony garden. In full shade all day we were able to create a fabulously lush textured garden scheme with varying shades of green foliage that will be interrupted by blossoms of pale pinks, lavenders, and whites throughout the year.

I was delighted with the results and Ms. Flack had this to say upon her first viewing of the freshly installed garden:

“OMG! This is so wonderful! I am over the moon excited! Thank you for making this truly my home!” (it was a text message) 

Texts like that are almost as beautiful as this garden.








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Spring 2012 @ The Zak Residence

Last year at this time we were putting the finishing touches on the Zak Residence’s landscape design. You can see before photos here. Last week I visited to see how its looking a year later. The tulips and the beading heart were certainly doing their jobs!

See before pictures here

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Crane Residence 2

Phase One of the Crane Residence was installed last Spring.

Lawn, irrigation, and soil preparations were installed in 2011. The yard looked pretty good that first summer, especially with a few annuals for accenting the patio. See more before & after pics.

Phase One installed spring of 2011


 This April We Installed Phase Two

Since this is a project for my cousins, we had the whole family helping out! It was great to collaborate with my talented Aunt Connie on the planting layout and have my little brother around for the extra hard labor. We had so much fun! Props to Commercial care for the planting installation too!



Trees & Shrubs Installed Spring 2012

Quaking Aspen, Coral Bark Japanese Maple, Red & Yellow Twig Dogwood, Salal, Creeping Oregon Grape, Lily, & Clumping Rose are just some of the highlights.

 March                                                                            May!


Photos in order are by Jaime English, Rhett Jackson, Greg Heinze and the rest by Connie Heinze

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Two weeks till Multnomah Falls Makeover!

We are Counting Down!

If you were a raised planting bed with over pruned shrubs and overun by invasive weeds just steps away from the spray of Multnomah Falls, and tucked right between the architectural gem of Multnomah Falls Lodge and the world famous Historic Colombia River Hwy, you’d want a makeover too!

Saturday April 28th will be the first weekend for viewing the new plantings at the Multnomah Falls Lodge Plaza!

To celebrate we want to share some of the wonderful and interesting images that show how the falls have changed over the years. Actually, Multnomah falls hasn’t changed much at all, but the people have and with them the fashion! Oh the Fashion!  You have to see what people were wearing for a day trip to the Gorge in 1930! And then, you have to plan yours!

But, before you go, read our Multnomah Falls Plant a Day posts to learn more about our favorite native plants for Multnomah Falls and your garden. The first post is already up!

Its going to be a busy two weeks! I can’t think of a better way to kick off spring.


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Multnomah Falls Plant of the Day #15 Goats Beard

Goats Beard – Aruncus sylvester

This was my absolute favorite plant last year. It’s a gorgeous addition behind your favorite perennials or infront of larger evergreen shrubs. Goats Beard has a great spring green color that makes you want to sing when it first pops. But then doesn’t every sign of spring in Orgeon?

The blooms are white tufts that stay all summer to catch the breeze and keep their interest as they dry out in the fall. I like it best planted in groups of five or more. Its like having little fluffy white clouds in your garden, floating right at your knees.

Where: You’ll find Goats Beard tucked in the planter to the far right as you face the Lodge.

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Multnomah Falls Lodge Landscape Construction

The planter beds are under renovation!

While the stone seat walls and benches are staying the planting beds, which had been infiltrated with morning glory, are getting new planting soil and an exciting new planting deign next week!

But first, the old dirt has to come out!

Next week new soil and new plants go in! Stay tuned for more progress photos next week!

And if you want to remember what it looked like before out the before pictures here.


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Crane Residence

A brand new landscape for a brand new house!

Below are before and afters for Phase One. More plantings to come next year in Phase Two.

Existing patio and fire pit.

After Landscape: Patio with annual flower garden

Patio with fire pit and annual flower garden.

Photo by Rhett Jackson

Patio with annual flower garden and stepping stones.

Photo by Rhett Jackson

Stepping stones to patio and play structure.

 Photo by Rhett Jackson

Existing Landscape: patio and future play structure location

Existing Landscape: patio and future play structure location.

Landscape After

Patio, new play structure, and Annual flower garden.

 Photo by Rhett Jackson

Existing driveway and landscape.

After: New lawn and river rock drive way accent installed. More plants to come in future phase.

 See 2012 tree and shrub plantings photos here!

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Idyllwild Pines Summer Camp & Retreat Center Master Plan

Idyllwild Pines Main Camp Aerial

There is plenty of opportunity here at Idyllwild Pines Camp; an 87 year old retreat Center in Idyllwild California. Over the last year we’ve had a fabulous time uncovering all that potential while working on the new Centennial Master Plan.  Its already a beautiful setting for a camp with many natural assets.  It just needs a little site organization here, a few facilities improvements there to create a natural retreat setting ready for the next generation of campers. Here’s a peek at the site as it is now. Site Improvements are coming soon!

Existing River Rock Amphitheater

Concrete Fence detail with Roses. They make this fence on site!

Existing Covered Bridge (Can you believe it? It's an old cargo container!)



Dining Hall and Tahquitz Peak

Strawberry Creek



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Willett Residence

Path: Before

Path: After I

Path: After II

Before: Extra Space

After: Garden Space

Entertaining Space: Before

Entertaining Space: After

Vegetable Beds I : Before

Raised Vegetable Beds: After

Raised Vegetable Beds II: Before

Raised Vegetable Beds II: After




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Zakrzewski Residence


Front Yard: Before

Front Yard: After

Raincatcher in Front Yard

Back Yard: Before

Back Yard: After

Back Yard II: After

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